Creating a form is simple and easy. It is a great place to start with using Assignar and receiving data back from the field in real time. Below we explore how to build a form. 

Step 1) Add Form Details

  1. Click Forms > Forms > Add new Form to create a brand new form.
  2. A popup will appear asking to Enter a form title (required). This is the name of the form that is visible in the Fieldworker app and other Dashboard screens.
  3. Enter a description for your own reference (optional).
  4. Click Build Form

Once you click the Build Form button, the form builder will appear that will allow you to start building your form and here is what you can do:

Step 2) Configure Your Form

  1. Enter one or more email address/es where the notification will be sent when one of these forms has been submitted to Dashboard (separate multiple addresses with a comma). Leave it blank if you don’t want a notification email to be sent.
  2. Add a sort order number, this is what order it will appear in the forms list in the app 
  3. Select a web user for form results to be assigned to when a form is submitted (optional).
  4. Select a status for form results when a form is submitted (optional). Unless a different status is selected, the default status for form results is ‘Complete’. You can customise your form status's under Form Settings
  5. You can select from the following by ticking the box to blue to make it required to complete the form: 
  • Require Client 
  • Require Project (Note you need to have the client option on to select a project)
  • Require Asset 
  • Require Fieldworker 
  • Require Supplier 
  • Require Geolocation (If required, the system will automatically capture the physical location of where the fieldworker is when they submit the form.)
  • Require for Timesheets (If this is linked to a task in an order, the worker must submit the form in order to submit a timesheet) 

When you are ready to make the form live for Fieldworkers to submit forms, tick the Published box. It’s best to leave the form unpublished until you’re happy with the design and ready for it to be visible in the Fieldworker app.

Access Permission

Click to add a User Tag if you want to restrict access to this form. By default, everyone has access to this form but if you select a User Tag/s, only users who match that tag/s will have access to this form in the Fieldworker App. 

Click one of the Save and Continue buttons to save and keep editing this form.


Click one of the Save and Close buttons to save the form and go back to the Forms list.

Step 3) Design form fields

  1. Click the Add New Question button and select a question type from the drop-down list:

Type of form fields 

  • Multiple option response – This allows you to choose whether the question will be a single option response, multi-option response or a drop down select.  If you select a multiple choice question it automatically is a single option response. If you require a multi-select or a drop down select, you need to tick the appropriate box for it to change. 

  • Number field – Type a numeric response in an answer field (numbers only).
  • Text Field – Type an alphabetic response in an answer field.
  • Text Box – Type a response in a larger comment-sized box.
  • Signature – Sign using the touchscreen of a mobile device.
  • Image capture – Attach an image by taking a photo or using an existing photo on a mobile device.
  • File Upload - This allows you to upload a file to the form. Note this for dashboard form submission only it will not work in the Fieldworker App.
  • Date – Pick a date from a scrolling list.
  • Time – Pick a time from a scrolling list.
  • Date & Time – Pick a date & time (combined) from a scrolling list
  • Asset – Be able to select an  Assets, use Asset tags to filter the list or leave blank to include all.  
  • Worker – Be able to select against a Fieldworker, use User tags to filter the list. 
  • Heading – Introduce groups of related questions, no response required.

It's important to note with the different question types have different setup options:

  • Tick the ‘Required?’ box if an answer is always required for this field, i.e. if the field is mandatory.
  • Tick the ‘Add web link (URL)?’ box if you want to add a website link that is clickable in the Fieldworker app. If this box is ticked, you will also need to enter the web link (URL) and a meaningful label for it.
  • Set Status – This checkbox is only available for Single option response, Multi option response and Dropdown select question types, If this box is ticked, a Status drop-down list is available for each choice. If a choice has a status set, the form results status will be set automatically based on the chosen response option.
  • Conditional – This is if you want to set the question to display based off another question type, then you need to tick this box. You can read about Conditional Questioning here 
  • Choices – Single option response, Multi option response and Dropdown select question types allow you to create a number of choices (predefined answers) that the fieldworker can select from.
  • For single option and multi-option response, you can select a colour for each choice (optional).
  • Asset Number Reading – This checkbox is only available for Number fields. If this box is ticked, the Form Results for that field will include an Update asset reading button that allows you to update that asset’s Number Reading based on the form results.
  • Click on the green ‘+‘ button to the right of a field to insert a new field immediately below it.
  • Click on the Duplicate button to the right of a field to create a copy of it at the bottom of the list.
  • Click the red trash button to the right if you need to delete the question or the choice.
  • Click on the arrows to compress the question so you have more room to build out your form. 

Step 3) Save your form and publish

  1. Click Save and Continue or Save and Close if you are happy with the form 
  2. If you’re happy with the form design and ready to make it available in the Fieldworker app, publish the form.
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