Moving from a paper to digital timesheet process can seem daunting and also requires a few different stakeholders to participate in changing the way that payroll is received and processed. 

We can assure you that moving from a paper-based timesheet process to digital timesheets in Assignar, will save you time, money and also resources (think of all the paper you will save!) 

Below we dive into the workflow process for collecting digital timesheets in Assignar and the steps you need to take for this work for you. 

We suggest when you are transitioning from paper to digital timesheets to select a set of users to complete both a paper and digital timesheet. This ensures that the process is followed correctly and the data is correct.

Setting up Digital Timesheets in Assignar 

Step 1) Add Users 

You can either add fieldworkers one by one or use our mass import function to import your workers. 

Step 2) Add Clients 

Add clients to Assignar that your workers are completing work for. 

Step 3) Add Projects (optional) 

Add projects to Assignar that your workers are completing work on. This step is optional 

Step 4) Add Tasks 

Add tasks that your workers are completing on-site i.e. operator, labourer 

Step 5) Add Timesheet Activities 

These are going to give you the breakdown of time for when the workers are on-site. For example operating machinery, cleaning, lunch, travel. 

Implementing Digital Timesheets 

There are two ways to submit digital timesheets 

1. Lite Version Timesheet Submission 

  1. Fieldworker logs into Fieldworker App

  2. Click Timesheets > Add Timesheet

  3. Submit Timesheet

  4. Manager approves the timesheet

  5. Export the timesheets to CSV to import into your accounting software 

2. Full Version Timesheet Submission 

You have the option to have timesheets submitted like the Lite version or you can do the following workflow:

  1. Allocate the worker to an order in Assignar 

  2. Worker confirms allocation in Fieldworker App 

  3. Worker completes their shift 

  4. Worker submits timesheet after shift 

  5. Manager approves the timesheet

  6. Export the timesheets to CSV to import into your accounting software 

You have successfully set up and implemented digital timesheets with Assignar 

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