We all at one point have listed out which suppliers we want to contact first when cross hiring any goods or services. You might have a favorite worker or asset  you cross hire from one supplier but if they're not available, you'll need to find the second best etc. 

This list of a piece of paper or spread sheet can now live in the dashboard and here's how:

  1. Click Assets & Tasks > Tasks > Task name to view and/or update details for an existing task. 

  2. The bottom of the task details page will be a field for supplier ranking. Here you can select suppliers associated with the selected task and enter in their ranking - 1 being the highest and 10+ being the lowest.  

  3. To remove any rankings, click the red delete button. 

  4. To add more rankings, click the green + button 

  5. Once you're happy with the rankings, click the green Save Rankings button

Now each time you create an order for a supplier, you will be able to see the supplier ranking by clicking on the View Supplier Ranking next to the drop down list available in the order details page. Should you favorite supplier not be available, just change the drop down to the second ranked supplier listed etc.
No more need for that spread sheet or piece of paper any more! 

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