You're receiving form results into the dashboard and you want to be able to send them to a client or supplier with your company template. Custom Printing enables this to be possible.

Add custom print template

  1. Click Forms > [Form Name] > Edit 
  2. Make sure the Custom Printing mode on the right , this will display the variable name next to each form field, e.g. {variable name}.
  3. Each field question will have a code attached to it i.e. {$id1} 
  4. Copy the variable/s you want from the Form details screen and paste them into your print template (we recommend using Word .docx format). Tables are a great way to set up your print template.
  5. Client/Project labels and single option responses will populate as values.
  6. Multi-option responses will populate as ticks:

7.  If your multiple choice question contains an 'other' option, be sure to copy both the question code and the 'other' code to your template. 

8. Save your print template.

9. Click the Upload Template button in the Print template section to browse for your saved print template. Don't forget to Save & Close!

NB. The Print template section of the screen is only displayed under the custom printing section where you preview the form in the form builder

Click the red trash button to delete the print template.

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