Once logged-in to the app, click the My Profile Icon. This is where you can manage your personal details, competencies/inductions, password. etc.

My Details

First Name

Last Name







Emergency Contacrt

Note that you can either select your photo from your gallery or take a selfie ready for upload.

*This is greyed out and cannot be updated


Make sure the office knows your availability. You can also add a date when you want to take a *holiday.

*Please verify the internal process for leave application

Request & View Competencies

You can view your current competencies and *submit new ones to the office

Request & View Inductions

You can view your current inductions and *submit new ones to the office

My Password

Once you are issued a FW App access, you may need to update it to a personal one

My Preferences

You can update your language preference

Reset Application

Be careful with this button, as it is like resetting your app to "factory setting". You will lose any saved forms, digital dockets, any offline data not submitted, and will be logged out.

View competencies and inductions

  • Tap on My Profile from the main menu, then tap My Competencies to see a list of all your competencies and inductions.

  • Tap on a competency or induction to see details.

  • If the competency/induction has an attachment, tap Download File to open/save it using the relevant app on your mobile device.

  • Tap on the back arrow ‘<‘ in the top left to go back a step from any screen.


*Lets you know the current version of app you have installed.


Logs you out of the app.


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