When you log into the Fieldworker App, you will be greeted with the Main Menu. The main menu is a list of everything you can do inside the Fieldworker App, below is a description of each option: 

  • My Items - Here is where you can view assets, documents, other workers and approve their timesheets (if applicable) 

  • Allocations - View the work that has been allocated to you, confirm or decline shifts, submit timesheets and forms.  

  • Timesheets - Submit timesheets for the work you've done. 

  •  Dockets - Upload a photo of a docket and attach it to your timesheet. 

  • Forms - Submit forms 

  • My Profile - Update your contact details, change your password and request new competencies and inductions 

  • Go Offline (if applicable) - If you are going into a zone with no phone reception, turn your app to offline mode and then you can still access timesheets and forms.

  • Settings - This is where you can manage and update what version of the app you are in. We will run App update through the App Store and also through the settings section in the app. 

  • Log Out - When you're done for the day, click log out. 

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