Here's the fieldworker app menu that may be available to you.

My Items: as a fieldworker, this is where you can view the following:

  • My Documents

  • My Assets

  • *My Crew

  • *Crew Allocations

  • *Crew Timesheets

  • Contacts

  • *Orders

*Depending on your role, these may not be visible for you

Allocations: this is where you can view the jobs allocated to you

Timesheets: this section is where you submit "loose" timesheet

Site Diary: this allows you (as nominated supervisor/ foreman) to capture all your worksite's timesheets, activities and approvals in one place. To know more, click here.

Dockets: allows you to capture physical docket by uploading a file/image or complete a specific docket required for the job

Forms: you can complete and submit required forms

Go Offline: you can manually enable offline mode if you are going to a zone with no network coverage. To know more, click here.

If you wish to update your personal information within the app, go to this link.

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