What is the Assignar Ideas Portal? 

The ideas portal is where you can submit ideas, feature requests or feature enhancements for either the Dashboard or Fieldworker App. Ideas are entered in by all of our customers and viewable across the board, allowing you to also vote on other users ideas. The more an idea is voted on the quicker it goes to the top of the review list for our product team. 

How to add new ideas 

  1. In the Dashboard on the right-hand side there here it says "Hello, users name" and click on your name and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on ideas - see below. 

 2. Once clicked on, a new tab will open with the Assignar Ideas Portal.
NB: If nothing opens, make sure your pop up's are enabled.  

Here  you can add a new idea, on the top left click the "Add new idea" button.

  3. Upon clicking on "add new idea" it will take you to a page where you can start to add your idea. To begin, choose from the drop down menu, whether the idea is for the Dashboard or Fieldworker App. .

 4. Enter in a summary sentence for the idea. For example "Email time sheets from  Fieldworker App".  The portal will start to pick up other ideas that match what you are typing in the summary field. If it is there already, please vote or add comments to it.  

 5. In the "More Details" section add examples of workflows or how you the idea  would work so our product team can best understand what you want.

6. Once you've added in all details regarding your idea, click share idea. This will then be viewable across our customers to vote on and also be reviewed by the Assignar team.  

How to vote on ideas 

When you click on ideas in the dashboard, you are taken to the ideas portal. A list of all recent, trending and popular ideas will appear. You can read through these ideas and click on the vote button. When you click vote, it will turn green and say voted.

As ideas progress you will receive email updates from the team alerting you what stage the idea has been put in.
Will not implement - The idea has not been approved by the team with comments as to why
Planned - The idea has been approved and has been scheduled onto our road map
Shipped - The idea has been implemented and is now live in the dashboard.  

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