Sometimes you want your fieldworkers to add additional information that Assignar doesn't account for (by default) when they add Chargeable Items to an order.

This can be done by adding Additional Questions to Chargeable Items.

The Additional Questions feature allows you to configure up to 4 questions that will be added into the Chargeable Items form for a fieldworker.

Note that the same functionality is available in Site Diary.

1. Navigate to the Settings page

2. Click the Chargeable Items Additional questions button

This will open a pop up window

3. Click the Add Question button and select the type of question you'd like to add

For information on the different types of questions, click here to view our Form Question Types article

4. Add the questions as required and click the Save & Close button

Once the steps above have been completed, the FW App will display the additional questions as per the below:

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