Site Diaries are a great way to track what happened on site for a given day.

Our new Site Diaries page will allow you to view any site diary, associated to any order or project.

To access the global Site Diaries page:

In the Assignar menu, select the 'Site Diaries' page, beneath the Orders menu option.

To filter the list of site diaries:

There are currently 2 filtering options within this page; filter by date and filter by project.

We do intend to add additional filtering capabilities in the future.

To filter by date:

By default, the page will filter on the previous 30 days worth of site diaries. If you want to see a different time period, change the From and To dates:

To filter by date:

By default, the page will display site diaries across all projects. If you want to see site diaries for a specific project, select a project from the dropdown list by typing the first few letters - the items available to select will update as you type:

To view the details of a site diary

Once you have found the required site diary, simply click on the row within the table to

You will be taken to the Site Diary detail page.

Here you can see a summary of the day, including the weather, total hours logged and the status of the site diary.

In the detail below, you can see the task details (e.g. time logged) as well as any additional questions that you may have added to the site diary and the supervisor and client sign-offs.

To go back to the Site Diaries page, click the back button at the top left of the page:

To download a pdf of a single site diary:

1. Hover over the Site Diary you with to download

2. Click on the download symbol

The pdf will download into your device's default download folder.

To download a pdf of a multiple site diaries:

1. Click on the checkboxes associated to the Site Diaries you want to download

Note that you can also select all site diaries to download by clicking the checkbox in the header row of the table.

2. Click on the download symbol at the top of the table

The pdfs will download as individual files into your device's default download folder.


Some web browsers don't allow you to download multiple files from a single click. If you notice that only one of the selected pdfs have downloaded, check your browser settings. In Chrome, you may notice a pop-up on the top left of your browser asking you to enable multiple file downloads.

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