Assets & Tasks Module

This is where you manage your assets, the skills each asset requires and the tasks that each asset is used for. There are a few functions of the Assets & Tasks module and they include: 

  • Each asset may require one or many documents and skills to operate it.

  • Each asset may have one or more asset attachments associated with it.

  • Each task can have one or many assets added to it, with the associated skills and documents.

  • It is also possible to have a skill-based task with no assets.

  • Tasks can be grouped together into task groups.

Add Assets to Tasks

Here is how you link Assets to Tasks

  1. Go to Assets & Tasks > Tasks > Edit Task - i.e. Operate Excavator 

  2. In the Task, there is an option that says "Asset Required" tick that box

  3. A bar will appear where you can start to individually add the applicable assets i.e. 2t Excavator, 3t Excavator (or what you name your assets) 

  4. If you want ALL assets to appear, skip step 3 

  5. Once you've added all the assets that are required, click save

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