There are 3 key parts of the new reporting module.

Dashboard Library : 

Within this section of the feature we have created some Dashboards for you to give you a head start into creating your own dashboards.

Report Library :
In this section all the reports that you had in the old “Reports” have now been revamped  and a better set of Reports like Competency Matrix, Induction matrix are available with filters.

Explore : 

In this section we have supercharged your existing data visualiser.

You can now just drag and drop fields into this blank canvas and very easily create your new reports and build your own dashboards.

Within the explore section let’s get some lay of land.

In the above figure

  1. Pick a module, from the Assignar module area, that you have a question for.
  2. Then you can simply click on the columns/fields available in the data fields area, which will now begin to appear in the Data Area.
  3. If you need to add filters to your report, you can click “Filter“ next to each field, which will then appear in the Filter section.
  4. When you are ready, hit the “Run“ button.
  5. Once it stops running you will see a visualisation/chart appear in the Chart Area.
  6. Then you can save the report.

For more details you can also watch the below attached video.

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