Step 1: Go to the Scheduler module

The Scheduler is in Preview, and is enabled for most customers. If you do not see Scheduler in your sidebar, you can send a request in Support Chat to have it enabled.

Step 2: Create an orderĀ 

When you create a new order from the Scheduler, you'll see a new, larger view with the all your order details front and centre.

Step 3: Add Task & Shifts

You don't need to repeat the same tasks to organise the shifts.
Start typing the task name, and then add multiple shifts, with different times, workers quantities, and dates.

Step 4: Save your order

Don't forget to save the changes.
You can choose to save changes or dismiss them.

Step 5: Edit order

When you need to edit an order in the Scheduler, you will open the same view right within the Scheduler.
You'll be able to edit order details, tasks, shifts.
You don't need to edit allocations here as you can do that from the main scheduler view.

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