Approving timesheets in bulk, allows you to review multiple timesheets at once and approve them all at once. Here is how: 

Bulk Approve Timesheets

  1. Go to Timesheets & Dockets > Timesheets, fill in your search parameters in the column search.

  2. Scroll to the left and when you hover over the column, you will be able to select the timesheet you want to approve, click the check box of the timesheet and you can do this for multiple timesheets at once. 

 3. Once you click Approve, the timesheets will turn green. This means the timesheets are approved.

Undo Approved Timesheets 

1. Select the timesheets you wish to undo approval.
2. Click the Undo Approval button
3. The timesheets will go white 

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