When rolling out the Fieldworker App, your workers will ask how much data the app will use on their phone. Here are the facts about data usage. 

Downloading Fieldworker App

 Apple Devices – The App itself is 8MB to download for the App store and its free. This is a once off download.

Android Devices – The App itself is 3.69MB to download for the Google Play store and its free. This is a once off download.

Monthly Data Usage 

The data usage on the Fieldworker App is minimal. Most usage comes from the fieldworkers taking photos and submitting them. To reduce data usage we shrink all images to 80KB per image and that is the biggest data usage, so if they took 100 pics per month that would = 8MB per month. 

It's less than email usage on a phone, for example to send 100 emails would use roughly 29MB per month

Your workers will use more data doing emails or using social media apps, than with the Fieldworker App. 

Note: that data usage varies from user to user depending on phone model, provider and plan inclusions. 

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