Chargeable items are one off charge items that you incur from carrying out work for your clients. They can be materials, float fees or charges for plant hire. The chargeable items can be added to an order and then invoiced to a client. Chargeable Items are designed to be transactional, like a bank account. 

Add New Chargeable Item 

  1. Go to Orders > Chargeable Items 

  2. Click + Add New Chargeable Item 

  3. Add in the name, rate and Account Code (optional) it should be linked to. Account Codes can be found in Invoices.

  4. Click Save 

Add Chargeable Item To An Order 

  1. Go to the Orders > Select your Order 

  2. Go to the Chargeable Items Tab 

  3. Click Add Item 

  4. A pop up will appear and you need to select the item 

  5. Change the Qty and rate (optional) 

  6. Select a task (optional) 

  7. Select a supplier (optional) 

  8. Select a asset (optional) 

  9. Add a docket (optional) 

  10. Add comments (optional)

  11. Click Save 

After you've added all your chargeable items, they will appear in a list view.

Edit a Chargeable Item in an Order

  1. Go to the Orders > Select your Order

  2. Go to the Chargeable Items Tab

  3. Click on the relevant Chargeable Item

  4. A pop up will appear

  5. On the right end of the pop up, click the 3 dots

  6. Click Edit

  7. Update the required information

  8. Click Save

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