Most devices today are compatible with FieldWorker unless the device is more than 3-4 years old, but your device might not be running with a compatible version of it's software.

To start off, we recommend using iOS 10.3 or newer for iPhones or iPads, and Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer for phones and tablets utilising Android.
If you are using a Windows phone or tablet (or want to use the app on your laptop or desktop) you can use the following URL to access FieldWorker through your internet browser:

If you are experiencing any issues in regards to downloading FieldWorker to your device, it could be a good idea to check if your device, and /or the software version on your device, is compatible.

To check your device's current software version if you are on an Android device you need to go into Settings > About Device, depending on your brand and model. For an iOS (Apple) device you need to go in to Settings > General > About (see screenshot below).

(In this example the Android version is higher than the recommended version and the iOS is lower)

If your device is running on a lower version than what we recommend, you can try updating your phone by searching for a newer available version (updates with new versions normally notify you automatically). If your device can not be updated, you can, as mentioned above, use the URL via your phone/tablet internet browser.

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