In Assignar there are two types of users - 

  1. Dashboard Users - Access the Web Platform the dashboard. 

  2. Fieldworker Users - Access the Fieldworker App

They have two different functions and purposes. You might find that some employees will have both user types because they float between a site and the office or you need to track office staff competencies. 

Dashboard Users 

These users access the dashboard to create orders, build forms, add users, update expired documents or competencies, approve timesheets or run payroll. 

Fieldworker Users

These users access the Fieldworker App and accept or decline allocations, complete forms, update competencies. 

A Dashboard User cannot log into the Fieldworker App with their credentials. You will need to set yourself up as a Fieldworker User. The same applies for Fieldworker Users trying to log into the Dashboard. 

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