In the Resources Timeline, you can view by Worker or Asset to see where your resources are currently allocated. You can also allocate Assets and/or Workers from the Resources Timeline, it is the fastest way to create an order, here is how: 

Create New Order

  1. Go to Orders > Resources Timeline, load timeline

  2. On the X axis find the worker or asset you want to allocate and then on the top find the date and find where the date and resource intersects, click on that tile. 

When you click on the date and resource that matches a pop-up will appear. Select Create new order 

You can then start to create an order by completing the following information: 

  1. Add a Client 

  2. Add a Project

  3. Add a location 1 & 2 (optional) 

  4. Select Start & End Dates

  5. Select a Task 

  6. Specify Start & End Time

  7. Select an Asset (optional) 

  8. Select additional workers (optional)  

Scroll down and complete the rest of the order details including

  1. Add a Job Description 

  2. Add a WO (work order) number 

  3. Add a PO (purchase order) number 

  4. Add a contact

  5. Add a tag 

  6. Add comments

  7. Click Save Order 

Once you've clicked save it will appear as an allocation in the Resources Timeline 

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